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IGN: sandor_1234
By sandor_1234 » about 1 month ago


Scam players, as long as it isn't real money.

Destroy and raid bases.

Kill players and don't give back the items.

TPA traps and various other traps.


Sharing private information from players against their will.
This includes but is not limited to residential address, last name,
IP address. MuxMC is not a place to publish private information.

Racism, sexism, homophobia, and any other kind of discriminatory insults.
This includes bypassing the chat filter, and all statements that are considered unfair and
intolerant, against a group of people.

Advertising of all kinds (TeamSpeak, Gameserver), as well as random links.
MuxMC is not affiliated with other servers or websites, and is its own entity.

Accuse other players as "cheaters" in the chat.
There is a "ban application" category for a reason, so it is not necessary nonsensical
To leave accusations.

Take advantage of glitches and mistakes for unfair advantages.
Bugs should be reported as soon as possible to team members or in the forum.
Misuse of mistakes follows with heavy punishments.

Modified Minecraft that creates unfair advantages or harms other players.
Allowed mods are Optifine, Minimap, ArmorHUD -
Everything concerning the aesthetic area or the system performance is allowed.
Unauthorized modifications include hackclients, dropmacros, etc.

Blackmail and DDos threats to players as well as to the server.
MuxMC is no place for threats, neither blackmail.
If someone blackmails you, report this immediately to a team member.

The attempt to encourage other players to protest.
Take your concern to the administration or an authority person.
Your feedback is appreciated, but it is way easier to
solve the problem when there aren't dozens of people screaming at the same time

Trading items with real money.
Trading MuxMC Items, MuxCoins or Real Money Accounts
will not be tolerated due to legal implications.

The instructions of the team members
The instructions of staff members have to be followed. Our team reserves the right to change and extend the rules at any time.

Have fun on MuxMC!