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IGN: sandor_1234
By sandor_1234 » 28 days ago
We at MuxMC created a new gamemode called "Leagues" briefly described, the gamemode is about starting a clan and fighting your way to the top. We have a Trophee / League system which is all based on pvp, you get more trophies by killing other people, you get in a higher league by gaining more trophies. The higher the league the better rewards you get.

The gamemode is about starting a clan and fighting your way to the top, unlike factions you can't claim land and you'll have to build a secret base which nobody should be able to find. With your clan you can start clanwars against other clans what will happen is that both clans will be teleported into an arena and have to fight each other, before the clanwar starts the leader of the clan starting the war can set a certain entrance fee to join the war. Every member of both clans will have to pay this price and it will all go in to a jackpot, the clan who wins the clanwar gets all the money (Currency on the server is a 'custom' Coin). There also is a league system which is based on trophies and you get trophies by killing people and not dying. The higher you are in the league system the more rewards you'll get. There're also allot of events like Spleef, Mining Game, Parcour, DropParty and a 1 vs 1 event.
Other than that you can also play the minigames Templerun and 1 vs 1 by winning a minigame you'll receive rewards. There also is a whole crate system with lots of rewards like mounts, spawners, ranks, emotes, perks (e.g Be able to jump higher), pets, commands (e.g /xray) and Coins.